Meet the "Mini" Happy Tails

We have a small menagerie of 3 goats, 2 mini-horses and a mini-donkey who enjoy entertaining visitors at special events.  Please bring your children out to see us.  Simply make an appointment. All donations would be appreciated.

Jenna, the gray mini-donkey, became our rescued friend in 2016 along with her companion Nanabelle, the brown goat. They were in a deteriorated situation prior to coming to the Haven. They all have their enclosed play area to "horse" around with each other.

Because of their past, they are forever granted sanctuary.

This is Rosie, the mini-horse and Jenna, the mini-donkey, doing their famous "catch the shadow" trick. Some people may think they are just eating, but we know they have special talents!

Nanabelle, on stage, practicing for her upcoming comedy show.  Here's one of her jokes:

What did the horse say when it fell?
"I've fallen and I can't giddyup!" 

Rosie, the white mini-horse and Floyd, the black mini-horse are companions from previous owners who could no longer keep them. But now at the Sanctuary, they get fresh hay, water, and free entertainment. 

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