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Adoptable Horses

All of our adoptable horses need a patient owner, a home-check, and an adoption contract. References will be required. 


7 year old Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Stormy is a well put together, athletic, grade quarter horse. She will require a very special trainer due to the fact that she currently is not-touchable. She is curious about humans and has not been halter trained or ground worked. Are you that special trainer?

Adoption Fee:




25 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Doc has a sweet disposition but requires an intermediate or advanced rider. She does not take the bit and will require  a bosal or hackamore. She should only be used for light riding. 

Adoption Fee:




17 year old Red Roan Gelding

Red is halter trained but has not been trained to ride. We are currently doing ground work and hope to be saddling him soon. He has a lovable personality and is an easy going horse. 

Adoption Fee:




14 year old Quarter Horse Gelding

Copper is trained to ride but requires a bosal or hackamore due to missing top teeth. He a is a good boy who needs someone that will give him lots of love and attention. Because of his missing teeth, he doesn't do well in pasture with many other horses and has special nutrition needs. We are currently working on trailer training.

Adoption fee:




14 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Carbon is halter trained but has not been trained to ride. She is a beautiful solid black who would make someone a good partner. She will warm up to you once she get to know you. 

Adoption fee:




19 year old  Quarter Horse/Andalusian Mare

Hope is very people oriented. She was trained to ride when she was  young but has not been ridden for many years. She will need significant re-training.She will also require an intermediate or advanced rider.   

Adoption Fee


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