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Wish List

  • Timothy Pellets: located at D&M Ag on Hy 44.

  • VitaRoyal Equine Plus (50# bag)

  • Senior grain:  Hubbord, Nutrena, Purina, Dumor

  • VitaRoyal Nutrient Buffer

  • Yaggies Oats Groats (50# bag)

  • Pine Shavings (bags)

  • Salt blocks

  • Protein blocks or tubs

  • Winter horse blankets

  • Fly sheets and masks

  • Portable loafing sheds

  • Gift cards to Runnings, Tractor Supply,  Sam's club

  • Large bales of hay and small squares

  • Grooming supplies

  • Muck forks

  • Vaccinations and miscellaneous medical supplies

  • Horse panels for temporary fencing

  • De-wormers: Ivermectrin, Strongid, Panacure

  • New items or gift cards for our silent auction

Please help us now! 

Happy Tails Haven's continued success depends upon your generous support for our rescued horses. We extremely appreciate your donations and sponsorship.


Also, we have only 3 supporters and 1 sponsor for our horses. 

Plus we do not have any paid staff or paid board members -- all our donations go toward the caring of the animals.


Plus we do not have enough volunteers to donate their time assisting with the horses. 


You are the key! Many people of Rapid City do not even know we exist because we only hold 2 fund-raisers a year and don't normally advertise. But now, we have more rescued horses,less adoptions and need more funds.

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