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Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of our horses, here is more information:
  1. First, fill out the online application.  Or you can just come on down to Happy Tails Haven! Simply call Klara and make arrangements for a nice visit. Bring all your family! Let us show you around the Horse Rescue and have a meet and greet with the horses and then we can discuss possible adoption matches you are interested in.

  2. Fill out the paper Adoption Application.   

  3. After the Adoption Application has been received, you will be contacted to find out if the Board of Directors has determined if you are a qualified candidate for adoption.

  4. Once your application is approved, the next step will be to schedule a home visit.

  5. A board member will conduct a home study and during this time; all members of your family should be present, including pets or farm animals. 

  6. Afterwards, the board members will hold a board meeting to discuss and then provide the applicant with a final answer. 

  7. If the answer is yes, the process moves forwards to a trial-week for the family and the horse to adjust. During this week, the horse will be on contract as a foster horse, meaning Happy Tails Haven still owns the horse.  This is a week-long temporary visit which allows the horse and new family time to bond. Before fostering may take place, a non-refundable price of half of the adoption fee will be required and will be applied to the adoption fee.  If it is a failed adoption, the partial adoption fee will be treated as donation and will be used as funds to provide for the Sanctuary animals.   However, if the applicant is interested in another horse, the funds will be transferred to another horse, and another trial-week will begin.

  8. During the trial-week,  the horse will be cared for by the qualified family, but still remain the property of Happy Tails Haven. 

  9. Once a decision has been made,  the Adoption Agreement is signed and the Adoption Fee paid in full. 

  10. After a month, a board member will call to schedule another home visit to make sure the family and horse have adjusted well and to answer any questions. 

  11. After a year, a board member will call the family to hear the new stories the family has to share about their horse. 

  12. Phone calls and home visits may be increased according to the family requests. 


Adoption Fees are non-refundable and assist defraying the cost of care for the Happy Tails Haven animals. 

Adoption fees will not be returned in the event the horse is returned to our Sanctuary.

Our Haven's priority is to make sure there is a good match between horse and family.  We also emphasize only serious applicants apply and our policies are intended to deter other intentions.  Adopting an animal is a serious life-changing event.  Please be sure you’re ready for this commitment. We desire all adoptions be successful and are here to help.


All applications are subject to approval and HTH reserves the right to refuse any application. 

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